Friday , July 12 2024
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I am a certified Life Coach on a journey to hold space and encourage as many people who need me, to heal themselves from pain, trauma and heartbreak, and step in their power to create the kind of Love, Sex and Relationships the worlds so desperately needs.

For the majority of my life, my own personal behaviours in these areas were unhealthy, unequal, self-sabotaging and at times, downright dangerous.  Addicted to love from a very early age, I operated from fear and lack, getting into situations that were only exacerbating my pain.  It wasn’t until I hit my own rock bottom for the final time that exhausted, I surrendered to the possibility that there had to be another way…

There is.  And I now hold space for those who want to find their way too.  I have taken the 40 years of experience of my own excruciating behaviour, a 12-step recovery programme, hundreds of hours of private therapy, powerful insights learned on retreats, life-changing holistic therapies and many hours of working with some of the most influential Coaches in the world to create ‘Growing is Glorious’, a unique coaching business, designed with passion and purpose.

Whether you want to heal from heartbreak, level up your dating game, develop your self-confidence and feel more empowered or reconnect with love by breaking negative patterns and cycles, I can help.  I hold space, listen, empathise, question, challenge and support my clients as they dive deeply into any number of unresolved places inside, such as abuse, boundaries, detaching, forgiveness, guilt & shame, limiting beliefs, parental wounds and self-love.

Contact me to arrange your FREE no obligation introduction call and follow me on socials:

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